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Time to Think Pink

5 Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The words cancer and celebration do not often go hand-in-hand in most sentences, however there is one way that most people would agree with. We must celebrate the defeat of cancer by supporting the organizations that do just that.

Through groundbreaking research and support, the inspiring Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Research Foundation have been the frontrunners towards preventing and eventually defeating breast cancer.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we wanted to remind everyone of 5 different ways you can show your own love and support towards this battle in the Sacramento area:

1. Wear Pink
It is well-known that pink is the universal color for love. From Valentine’s Day to pink roses, pink has a way of filling someone’s heart with the best cure known to man – love. By wearing pink during this month, you are throwing your support behind the cause and standing with the survivors. Not to mention, it matches with everything!

2. Volunteer with Making Strides
In addition to the before-mentioned organizations, Making Strides is another leader in the support for fighting breast cancer and they can always use the extra hand. All over the country, and even here in Sacramento, they are organizing walking events to raise money for the cause! But, they cannot do it alone. They urge anyone of all ages to sign up to help save a life.

3. Participate in the Run 4 Her Life Annual Breast Cancer Walk
Organized by the I Am My Sister’s Keeper Breast Cancer Foundation, this annual run will take place right here in Sacramento! Starting at 8:00am, this run will take place at the California State Capitol Museum on 10th street on Saturday, Oct. 21st. The registration fee is only $20, and some snazzy T-shirts will be on sale for only $10 as well. Proceeds will help local breast cancer patients in need so this is not an event to miss!

4. Donate Your Hair
Unfortunately, hair loss is one of the tough realities that comes along with the battle against breast cancer. Through different organizations, such as Locks of Love, you will be helping these beautiful, strong ladies get wigs full of luscious hair. Just a few inches are all you need!

5. Celebrate National Mammography Day
National Mammography Day is a way to remind women to schedule their annual mammograms that help detect breast cancer early. It is never too early to check and the more awareness that is risen, the better the chances are of catching this vile disease while it’s young. It always occurs on the 3rd Friday of October, so this year it will fall on October 19th. 

Lastly, if you still are not sure how to help, we would encourage you to look up any of the above-mentioned organizations for more information. Together we can stand strong for the ones who have fought, are currently fighting, and those will fight. Show your support and Think Pink!

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